For the Table
140 dainty vintage teacups and saucers
15 vintage teapots
15 vintage milk jugs
20 vintage sugar bowls
10 three-tiered cake stands
10 one tier cake stands
2 large glass dome cake stands
200 vintage cake/side plates
50 vintage dinner plates
50 champagne glasses
10 martini glasses
1 large pink chintz china jug
1 large white/pink polka dot jug
1 large pastel green/white polka dot china jug
1 white chintz medium size jug
1 white wooden birdcage 40cm height
1 white metal birdcage 30cm height
1 large vintage standard lamp
1 retro style china tea caddy
1 baby blue china utensil holder
2-glass Victorian style candlesticks
6 blue enamel flower shaped candle holders
4 hurricane lamps (2 in Victoriana style)
1 cut glass bowl on stand
1 white china pot with ‘popcorn’ wording
1 red and white polka dot china tumbler
1 china hand vase
Venetian style mirrored tea light candle holder
1 large red gingham table cloths
1 large white tablecloth with red polka dots
1 large white tablecloth with red strawberries
1 very large plain red tablecloth
5 standard size vintage chintzy tablecloths
4 large blue and white striped table cloths
1 blue and white china soup tureen - good for flowers too
White china vase/money box with Pound Sterling design
Square glass vase

3 boards wallpapered in vintage style papers for backdrops or hanging pictures from
3 gold ornate frames
1 Marie Antoinette style dressing table mirror - good behind a cake to show it off!
24 long peacock feathers
Old Vintage typewriter
3 glass jam jars for flowers
10 assorted small frames with various designs in a vintage look
Victoriana style black crow
1 stuffed beaver!
Victoriana style bell jar
Old standing photo of 50s bride
1 Union Jack cushion
1 small red couch
1 standard lamp
5 vintage board games
Working gramophone with 78s

To Hang and other Decorations
Various home/mum- made buntings
1 hanging mirror with Rockabilly cowgirl painted on
1 hanging tin sign ‘Happiness is Spending the Day with Friends’
1 50s tin sign saying 5 cent Hot Dogs
1 50s tin sign for Ladies Powder Room
1 50s tin sign for Men’s Lavatory
2 hearts with wings fairy lights!
2 white fairy lights
1 red fairy lights
1 fabric flower fairy lights
1 solar powered outside fairy lights
10 paper lanterns that stand on the ground
4 paper and fabric hanging lanterns Cath Kidson style
Union Jack cocktail stick flags - good for putting in ice creams or puddings!
1 big floor cushion with 50s style fabric cover
Small brown vintage cushion
3 Mexican tin sacred heart mirrors to hang in trees
Dark wood, chunky chest, for seat or low table
2 china magical mushroom plaques
2 Enamel buckets
Tea lights
Vintage style wallpaper that can be applied to wood panels, for table runners or papering boards to hang framed pictures, hanging from trees to make inside/outside areas
Lots of vintage style fabrics, can be used as throws, table cloths, picnic blankets, hang from trees to make little areas, or to make hay bales more comfy!

Alice in Wonderland Party
Over-sized playing cards on sticks
Standing Looking Glass
3 Alice in Wonderland pictures (original Victorian colour ink drawings) in A3 gold frames
Eat Me and Drink Me labels
Over-sized teacup and teapot
Black raven
Cake stands
Polka dot and checked tablecloths
Big fake flowers

Love-themed Props -
(Great for weddings - We can also hire these out separately just for a romantic picnic with a bottle of bubbly thrown in! Ask for details)
15 different types of picnic blankets/tablecloths
5 tin hanging candleholders with heart shape cut out
2 heart patterned espresso cups with saucers
1 gold wooden standing Love sign
1 china heart tray or serving plate
2 china heart bowls
1 hanging tin sign ‘Love is a Beautiful Dream’
2 champagne flutes with gold and heart design
Various glass heart candle holders
2 picnic hampers
2 heart shaped cushions
3 heart mobiles
2 heart shaped vases
2 two large heart shaped wreaths

Chinese Style
6 red and gold Chinese lanterns
4 Chinese parasols
Laughing Buddha garden statue
Large terracotta Buddha head (bowler hat optional!)
Chinese wedding tea set 1 blue and white china
Chinese style teapot
Golden lucky cat (to beckon in the money!)
2 Lucky golden pigs
1 large tin bowl, with Chinese ‘marital bliss’ sign
1 old ‘communist’ style alarm clock
6 small porcelain statues of Chinese lucky characters
2 Peking Opera masks

Art Work
Ornate white-framed oil painted image of a lonely tree
Black framed vintage tube poster ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’
Large Canvas print of 60s film ‘Blow Up’ Poster
Canvas print of old 50s pulp fiction book cover, with couple embracing, ‘Like Wild’
Black framed rockabilly style image of topless pirate girl, covering her boobs but showing off her tattoos!
Black framed 50s book cover, skull and candle design - ‘Hot Bullets for Love’
Gold ornate framed green damask pattern with stag’s head screen-printed on
Hand painted canvas with Wedding Bells in tattoo art style; these were bespoke by a friend who can take commissions
Comic Book style wolfman and sexy girl

If you see anything in any of the pictures it’s likely that we have it or can get hold of it so just ask. If you don’t see it but you still want it, the collection grows daily so ask again!

Please contact us for the full price list, but to give you a guide here's the cost of hiring some of our most popular items
Teacup £1.20
Teapot £3.50
String of bunting £4
Milk jug 90p
Three tiered cake stand £6
Wind Up gramophone £20
Working 1950s typewriter £15